Why Choose ClearWay?

Choose ClearWay Speech and Language Center because we love what we do. We want to see our clients succeed: get back to work, find the confidence to meet a new friend, utter their first words and love school. We understand that we can only improve lives through continuous study of the discipline and special attention to your individual needs. Here at ClearWay, we take the time to get to know each and every client and their family. We use knowledge of their learning style and today’s strengths to meet their future goals. Whether 18 months or 81 years, We can’t wait to say “We knew you could.”


More than 10 years of experience

Training from leading institutions in the field

ASHA Certified, Texas Licensed

Committed to evidenced based treatment

Care and understanding at every step of the way

Family-centered communication solutions for all ages

Conveniently located near the Dallas Arboretum

We help with

  • Unclear Speech

    Phonological Processing Disorder



    Speech Sound Disorder


  • Comprehension & Expression

    Late Talkers

    Specific Language Impairment

    Word-Finding Disorders

  • Stuttering

    Food Aversion/Picky Eaters

    Tongue Thrust

  • Autism

    Receptive and Expressive Language

    Social Skills/pragmatics

  • Post Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

    Cognitive Therapy