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Why Choose ClearWay?

Choose ClearWay Speech and Language Center because we love what we do. We want to see our clients succeed: get back to work, find the confidence to meet a new friend, utter their first words and love school. We understand that we can only improve lives through continuous study of the discipline and special attention to your individual needs. Here at ClearWay, we take the time to get to know each and every client and their family.


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From a fellow Speech Language Pathologist, I know Joi to be smart, resourceful, and thorough. She is that therapist that will go the extra mile for your family and can explain things in a way you will understand. I would trust even my own patients with Joi. If she is an option for you, consider yourself lucky and in good hands.

Stephanie O

Joi is amazing! She's professional, responsive, reliable, and kind, and my daughter adores her. She is also knowledgeable about insurance coverage and was able to get us partially covered. Since we began therapy, my daughter's speech has improved quickly and steadily, so I have no doubt her speech will be perfect in record time. Thank you, Joi!

Polly Simon

Joi is an amazing speech-language pathologist, and I have always been pleased with her responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to encourage patients and family members to see potential. Highly recommend!

Jackie Márquez

We are so happy to have found Ms. Joi. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and effective therapist who makes therapy fun for my daughter. I highly recommend her.

Laura Roets


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    Welcome to Speech Is In The Air; a blog devoted to improving communication everyday everywhere right here in Dallas.

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